Worm Custom Gear Box Helical Bevel Gear Reducer Nmrv30 Nmrv40 Nmrv50 Ratio 5-100 Nmrv Worm Gear Reducer Durst Wheel Gearbox with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Worm Gear Box CZPT cal Bevel Gear Reducer NMRV30 NMRV40 NMRV50 Ratio 5-100 NMRV Worm Gear Reducer Durst wheel Gearbox

Products Description

There are many types of CZPT boxes. If you have any questions about the selection, please contact us first.
Band name Lunyee
Model No.: NMRV571, NMRV030, NMRV040, NMRV050, NMRV063, NMRV075, NMRV090, NMRV110, NMRV130, NMRV150
Ratio: 5,7.5,10,15,20,25,30,40,50,60,80,100
Color: Blue/Silver Grey  Or On CZPT er Request


Housing: Size 25-110 Is CZPT Alloy, Size 110-150 Is Cast-Iron
Worm Wheel: ZCuSn10Pb1
Pinion:Tin Bronze
Output Shaft: Steel-45#
Usages: Industrial CZPT : Food Stuff, Ceramics, CZPT , Packing, Dyeing,Wood working, CZPT .
IEC Flange: IEC Standard Flange Or On CZPT er Request

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Product Overview


1. Adopt high-quality aluminum alloy die-casting box body, light and beautiful appearance, compact structure, small size, light weight, saving installation space, not easy to rust
2. CZPT heat dissipation performance, safe and reliable, and high efficiency.
3. CZPT carrying capacity, stable transmission, low vibration and low noise. 4. Multi-connection structure with Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis.li input and torque output to meet a variety of connection requirements; the line body shape design and foot hole layout are suitable for multiple installation methods and have strong versatility. 5. The small and medium-sized box body is a fully enclosed structure with strong sealing. The lubricating oil in the box body is not easy to wear and deteriorate, does not need to be replaced, and is easy to maintain.

Product Details

1.Worm Gear Box

It is made of high-quality aluminum alloy die-casting, has a unique shape structure and self-locking function, and uses metal gears to run smoothly, quietly, and durable.

2.Speed feedback device

It has harder mechanical properties, good stability, convenient control, no special insertion loss, and high efficien

3.Squirrel cage rotor

The two ends are connected by bearings, the structure is reliable and simple, the rotor resistance is fixed, and it has good overload resistance and temperature stability.



There are many types of turbine gearboxes that can be used with AC motors and DC motors, and are widely used in CZPT equipment, machine tools, agricultural appliances, commercial office, medical equipment, household appliances, aviation and other fields. Such as treadmill, sewing machine, meat grinder , tortilla press maker, Apparel CZPT , Textile CZPT , CZPT Coating CZPT ry, Pumps, CZPT s, heavy mine equipment, Packing CZPT , nebulizer, table fan, Face Mask CZPT , Rehabilitation Therapy CZPT , refrigerator, Air Purifiers, Fermenting Equipment. CZPT matic CZPT ctric BBQ rotisserie grill, Harvesting machine, CZPT ctric fireplace Pellet Stove , industrial Boiler, Stir Fry CZPT , Nuts roaster roller, Rolling billboard, Pasteurization CZPT , Vending machine, Note Counting CZPT , stiring device, packing equipment, transmit equipment, etc.
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About us:

ZheJiang CZPT Industries Co., Limited. company, is the recognized top manufacturer of industrial humidification system inChina. Our factory has three large workshops, covering 3,000 square meter area. We have more than 100 employees, equip with professional R&D team, reliable workers and efficient sales service team. CZPT focus on research and development, manufacture, and sale of humidifying, air cooling, dedusting, dehumidifying and energy saving equipment. Our company is evolving as the change of CZPT ers’ needs, we are committed to developing and CZPT new technology to best suit CZPT CZPT ers’ demands. So far, we have got many patents on highly CZPT d and efficient humidifier designs.Working with CZPT , you will enjoy the latest and most CZPT d technology and kindest service.

Our Mine Product:

DC/AC motor, stepper motor, gearbox, CNC engraving machine, industrial humidifier.

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Each of CZPT products will undergo rigorous testing before leaving the factory. We will provide you with professional designs and solutions, high-quality products and high-quality services according to your needs. If you have any questions, please feel free to
contact us. We will serve you immediately.

Packing &Shipping

Inside : Plastic bags with CZPT Desiccant For Gear Housing
Middle : Individual Carton packaging Outside : CZPT Box
Shipment: TNT, DHL, UPS, FedEx,EMS etc.Or use the shipment your specified.
Strict product packaging ensures that the product is not damaged during transportation


Q1 Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?
We are a motor in CZPT .
Q2 What’s your warranty?
Q3 Can you give more discounts if more quantity and how many?
We can afford discounts and rate based on updated quantity.
Q4 Can you make CZPT /ODM order?
Yes, we have rich experience on CZPT /ODM order.
Q5 Delivery
Sample can be afforded within 5-7days and volume order can be finished within 15-20days.
Q6 About sample? Available.
Q7 Which of payments you support?
Q8 Which of transportations you support?
Sea, Air cargo, Train, DHL/FEDEX/UPS/TNT.
Q9 What you can do if we still have worry on your product?
We can afford sample for testing, if approval then negotiate cooperation later.