Nmrv price Series Worm Wheel Reducer Gear Box with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Nmrv Series Worm Wheel Reducer Gear Box. CZPT cal gearbox series not only has higher transmission efficiency and loading capability than those of single-stage worm wheel transmission, but also reduces space. Moreover, under the close volume, the series can obtain higher transmission ratio and is more favorable for equipment setting. This product can be combined with CZPT reducers to meet different requirements. S series with self-lock function
Energy Efficiency: CZPT aging the advantages of high efficiency of CZPT cal gears and smooth transmission of CZPT s, the reducer performs with outstanding stability and efficiency is above 90%
Loading Capacity: Available with CZPT ranges from 0.12KW to 37KW, depending on different requirements and applications.
Installation Flexibility: All models are designed for a choice of mounting position M1-M6 specified by CZPT ers.




RICHMAN CZPT ERSAL SOURCING CO LIMITED is located in HangZhou ZheJiang . With more than 10 years experience in gear transmission area, we have CZPT owned factory and product lines. Worm reducer (WP series; RV series; VF series), screw jack reducer (WSH series) and CZPT cal gearbox (K,S,R,F series) are current mainly products. Strict and precision quality control procedure makes the final products meet demands of CZPT CZPT ers.

We try to develop different markets, cooperate with kinds of CZPT ers, which can makes us keep moving forward, keep innovative and international vision. Richman CZPT CZPT is your best partner of transmission resolutions.